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We are Collegiate Club Soccer, a Spring 2024 soccer league for college club teams who are comprised of students not on varsity programs or scholarship!  We have the upmost respect for these students who are willing to take on the responsibility to self lead their teams under the guidance of their universities, and provide an experience for those who may not have the chance to play on a varsity team!

Your athletic playing career is not over after high school - we are striving to eliminate that stigma by providing a competitive landscape and memorable experience for these students.  There seems to be a perception that college club soccer can't be competitive, nor meaningful which is just not true.  We are here to break that narrative, and reward those students who still have the passion and desire to compete and build relationships within the sport they love!

This season the teams range from Connecticut to Florida, and everywhere in between, for all genders!  We are beyond excited to be able to add value and positive memories for these college students and cant wait to continue to grow!

Who says college club soccer be can't be competitive?  We know it is!

CASA Soccer League is a non-profit organization that delivers competitive, high-quality, organized soccer organized adult soccer to the Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Boston areas in 11v11, 7v7, 5v5, and tournament formats. CASA Soccer is proud to partner with Collegiate Club Soccer for the 2024 season.


Teams while compete in geographic based divisions within two conferences, a Northeast Conference and a Southeast Conference.  Each conference is configured differently as far as the amount divisions and teams within divisions.  Each Conference will send a certain amount of teams to a postseason tournament where we will crown our mens and womens champions!

Below you can find our rules, regulations, and bylaws!

Regular Season Format:

Opening Weekend - February 4th/5th

Final Regular Season Weekend - April 9th/10th


Postseason Tournament:  April 19th-21st

Hampton Roads Soccer Complex - Virginia Beach, VA


Once your team is signed up, please use the following form to officially roster your players for the Northeast & Southeast Leagues respectively.

The Registration "Collegiate Club Soccer" is not currently available.