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Fishtown gets their first win of the year

By NA, 10/25/22, 2:30PM EDT


Philly Falcons 1 - 6 Fishtown SC

Fishtown SC got their first win of the season in convincing fashion against the Falcons this past Saturday. The trouts wasted no time, scoring 2 goals in the first ten minutes of the game to set a tone for what would be a beatdown. Fishtown continued their dominance in the first half and scored another goal midway through to go into halftime with a 3-goal lead. The second half was not much different as Fishtown once more scored early and then found 2 more, the only difference being that the falcons were able to get themselves a consolation goal near the end to maybe help their goal differential a little after what was a complete performance from Fishtown SC. 

The win takes Fishtown slightly above the relegation zone, and they will hope this win is a turning point for their season as they have next weekend off. For the Falcons they are now closer to relegation than to playoffs and will try to change that next week when they play OU Pride.