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Birdeaux FC 5 - 1 SoB Athletic

By NA, 11/09/22, 10:45PM EST


Birdeaux FC came into their match against SoB Athletic on a 3 match losing streak and having not won a game since week 3 and ready to make their final push for the promotional playoffs. SoB have been unlucky all season, defensive mistakes, poor finishing up top and little to no subs have plagued them but they never count themselves out and always play hard for the full 90 minutes regardless of their situation. The situation they found themselves in against Birdeaux FC unfortunately was one they've come to know all too well, an early defensive lapse leading to 1-0 deficit with a goal from #4 Kili in the 4th minute. Birdeaux FC striker and Bonzi tree enthusiast, #21 Pitkow, would make it 2-0 with his first of 3 goals to end the half in favor of Birdeaux FC. 

SoB Athletic would fall victim to another quick goal, shortly after the start of the second half, Pitkow would slot home his 2nd goal of the day and found his 3rd with a beautiful half volley in the 66th minute to make it 4-0. Heller would round out the scoring for Birdeaux FC with a late tap in form inside the 6yd box and #10 Murphy would ruin Birdeaux FC's chance of a clean sheet with a cheeky little consolation goal in the 88th minute. Birdeaux FC will try to push their way into the playoffs with a win over last place PAKA FC who have proved to be anything but a push over the past few matches and SoB Athletic have been eliminated from playoff contention and will look to shatter dreams of their next two opponents, first up being Kicking Bricks FC who have been on the mend after struggling the past few games and will be playing to solidify their place and seeding in the playoffs the next 2 weeks.