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Sanko United FC 0 - 0 Trading Laces FC

By NA, 11/09/22, 10:45PM EST


The league's best offense clashed with the league's 2nd best offense when Trading Laces FC traded blows with Sanko United FC.

Trading Laces FC are in first place and respectfully so, with a +18 goal differential, the division leaders have been putting up big numbers while their defense has been rock solid. Sanko United FC is a team that can also put up big numbers but in the early stages of the season, the defense was one of the worst, allowing the 2nd most goals against this season, 21, they have been working diligently all season to find their footing. This match was expected to play out like a heavyweight bout, 12 rounds of body shots and haymakers but instead it played out like a celebrity boxing match, both Trading Laces and Sanko boast a strong attack upfront, but neither team could find that final pass or the deft touch in the box needed to put their team ahead in the first half. 

The 2nd half saw both teams desperate to break through, each time Sanko pushed up, they found themselves struggling to make the runs back on defense and Trading Laces were unable to capitalize on these transitions. Once both teams settled down and stopped going for the knockout, they both managed to string together passes and create chances that forced both keepers to make critical saves, as time ticked by, both keepers continued to be tested, bending but never breaking, Reyes kept a clean sheet for the 2nd straight game for Sanko and Lerch was unbelievable in goal for the division leaders. A win next week against Strikers-Inter could move Sanko up as high as 3rd place in the standings while Trading Laces will look to lock up the division title with a win over 2nd place Sporting Serotonin.