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Cousins take advantage of rivals clash by beating the Rebels

By NA, 11/09/22, 10:00PM EST


Mark Wahlberg's Cousins FC 3 - 0 Rebels

The Cousins got their third win in a row to take first place in the division by putting up a dominant performance against Rebels. The Cousins scored 3 goals in the first half in which they dominated possession and converted two chances plus forced an own goal to get a comfortable lead. The second half was not as entertaining, as Mark Wahlberg’s Cousins were happy to just manage their lead which was never really threatened by the advances from the Rebels as they marched into a 3-0 victory. 

Rebels are now sitting in eighth place and while it looks very unlikely for them to make the playoffs they also seem safe from the threat of relegation. For the Cousins, they are now in the first place and will hope to remain there after their game against OU Pride next week.