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Spicy Bois FC 1 - 0 FC Scrubs

By NA, 10/25/22, 2:15PM EDT


A big game for both of these teams as FC Scrubs came into this game just 3 points behind Spicy Bois FC who were leading the standings. The game was as tightly contested as you could have expected. Spicy Boi found a goal in the 30th minute after #4 Kwortnik sent a ball to the back of the net after a set piece was played in from the wing. Spicy struggled to create more chances from there as FC Scrubs had slightly more possession but were unable to break down the league’s best defense to get an equalizer.

It was an important win for Spicy, who remain at the top of the table for another week but will have a tough matchup against Mark Wahlberg's Cousins in their next game. For FC Scrubs, it's their second loss in a row, something they will try to revert against Barenjager if they want to remain in the playoff spots.